Environmental Paint

Paint Issues

Conventional paints often contain heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), insecticides, bactericides, mold inhibitors, binding agents, and formaldehyde.

Paint is a common finish applied to buildings for a variety of reasons including preserving materials. Paint also offers a low-impact means to refurbish an interior or exterior surface, without having to remove and replace building materials. However, conventional paint causes significant pollution.

Key Word(s)
VOC, oil-based, water pollution


Indoor Air Quality
Conventional paints are the most significant producer of indoor air quality problems. This is a result of the fact that paint begins as a liquid but must dry. The drying process involves the evaporation of liquid chemicals in the paint that enter the air as vapours. These chemicals often referred to as VOC’s or volatile organic compounds are particularly harmful in the indoor environment.


  • Identify and remediate any sources of lead paint in an existing building.