Consulting Services/Research/Training

Elements Group Inc. is a Calgary based company (although we work out of Thunder Bay, ON as well) focused on providing green building information, guidance and environmental management leadership in the residential, commercial and hospitality industries. Our role is to work co-operatively with designers, developers, manufacturers, communities, and agencies to integrate and promote environmental building design and efficient building operation. We provide intelligent information, tools, advice, and support needed to assist organizations to adopt the green building approach and contribute positively to their long-term economic, social and environmental success.

Green building consultant Alex Joseph (LEED AP) is a principal in the company along with Mark Harrigan (LEED AP), both graduates of the University of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design. Other associates with whom Elements Group works with regularly include industry leading green building designers, green building engineering consultants, and environmental economic policy analysts. Together in this bid we are a group of experienced, professionals with a wealth of accumulated experience and accessible resources in national and international green building projects analysts.

Building an Environmental Home
We provide information to guide an builder professional or first-timer how to build and environmental home.
Managing a Company or Commercial Building or Hotel?

We provide environmental research services for companies seeking a (r)evolution in management, efficiency, product development and manufacturing, building operation and design, and employee training and education.
Require building Environmental Certification?
We provide guidance for building developers and owners seeking LEED™ green building certification. We educate, document, apply for, and market the LEED™ accreditation for your company.

Hotels and Hospitality Industry

We are currently conducting environmental design/management visits (1-3 weeks) to small to medium size hotel firms who we work with to:

  • Audit hotel building design and operation,
  • Provide a recommendations report on bulding and operations,
  • Lay the ground work for an environmental managment system,
  • Educate and train management on new environmental direction,
  • Conduct environmental workshops for engineers, managers, and staff,
  • Develop an environmental policy and purchasing plan
  • Assist with various certification including: LEED, Green Globe 21, Ecotel, and Green Leaf Eco-rating

Design/Build and Construction Firms

We provide green building product information, economic business cases, and case studies to assist small design/build and construction firms with green building issues related to their projects. As LEED™accredited professionals we also assist with LEED™ certification. We help design/build firms and homebuilders consider environmental design issues including:

  • Appliances – Numerous choices for energy efficiency in the products you use everyday,
  • Passive Solar – The key to cost-savings for every building whether home or commercial,
  • Off-grid – Going it alone or supplementing grid power to cut costs,
  • Straw Bale – The pros and cons to this inexpensive, organic building style

Commercial Buildings and Real Estate Developers

We provide green building strategies, economic business cases, and case studies to assist commercial and real estate developers with green building design and marketing components for their projects and clients.

Architecture/Engineering Firms

We provide green building product information, economic business cases, and case studies to assist architecture and engineering firms with green building projects. As LEED™ accredited professionals we also assist with LEED™ certification.

Other Companies and Organizations

We work with a variety of organizations like Naples FL Search Engine Optimization to provide green building design and operation information and guidance and to assist these organization with optimizing their buildings and operations.

  • Manufacturing – Transforming entire organizations to work in unison,
  • Marketing – Analysis that leads to improvements to design and market share,
  • Management – Identify key strengths, attract new customers, tell the world,
  • Maintenance – Continual improvement to reduced costs and a more efficient business


Mark Harrigan 
M.Env.Des., B.Sc.
LEED™ Accredited Professional

Mark is a consultant and partner of Elements Group Inc. (Environmental Design Consulting – Calgary). He is currently employed as the Environmental Specialist with a major commercial furnishings company in Calgary. Mark has been the primary representative for the company at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the past three years and sits as a corresponding member of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Technical Advisory Group for Materials and Resources. His role includes the investigation of environmental attributes of products and materials to address client concerns and product development issues, testing and evaluating products for their emission characteristics with an understanding of how this will effect the indoor environment, as well as acting as the companies ergonomic specialist.

Other responsibilities included working in the development of standards as they relate to office furniture through BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association). Some of the key BIFMA Task Groups Mark is involved with include the Ergonomics Task Group that recently released the Ergonomics Guideline for VDT Furniture Used in Office Work Spaces and the Furniture Emissions Task Group currently developing an office furniture emissions standard for healthy indoor environments.

Beyond direct University training and work experience, Mark has participated in a variety of conferences, workshops and symposiums. These include Air Quality Sciences’ Indoor Air Quality symposium and workshop, EnvironDesign, the USGBC’s annual summit and conference, William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s Design Chemistry workshop, and LEED Training workshops.

Alex Joseph 
M.Env.Des., B.Sc.
LEED™ Accredited Professional

Alex is a consultant and partner of Elements Group Inc. (Environmental Design Consulting – Calgary, Thunder Bay). He is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional and has experience on LEED projects including product development and strategic planning in the furniture manufacturing industry. Recently he has been assisting a Sri Lankan hotel firm on environmental hotel design and green building certification. As well, he works for EnerVision, a not-for-profit company that manages the Built Green™, R2000, and Building Canada programs in Alberta and Western Canada.

Alex obtained a Masters degree in Environmental Design from the University of Calgary where he focused on environmental design in the hospitality industry. His thesis work included the development of EcoLodgical an online Environmental Hotel Design Guide. He currently instructs the course Environmental Design and Operation at the University of Calgary. As well, he is a R2000/Built Green™ builder trainer. He also taught a graduate Industrial Wastewater Pollution and Control course recently at GuangXi University in southern China.

He has trained entire organizations on environmental design/management practices, conducted environmental building audits, and developed environmental building operating policy. He has also consulted design firms on daylighting, green building product procurement, and green building/LEED marketing.

In his spare time, he is an Internet developer for a number of environmentally and socially astute clients including the Highwood Environmental, Environmental Health Alliance of British Columbia, Region 6 FASD, and the Alberta Sustainable Home/Office.

The Green Building Encyclopedia is a project initiated and developed by Elements Group Inc. Please send us additions, corrections, and comments.