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The Different Considerations To Make When Purchasing Kalea Bay Condos

Purchasing a new property can be an exciting experience, particularly if you are a first-time buyer. The number of options available to you is endless, and one of these property options in a condominium unit. If you opt for a condo, it is important to take certain considerations into account before committing. Of course, there is the location and the price to consider; however, there are various other factors that need to be looked at. This article will provide information on the points to examine when purchasing Kalea Bay condos for sale.

1. The Age Restrictions

One issue that many people do not consider when searching for a condominium is the potential “age restriction” of the development. Certain communities have an age restriction set in place to ensure there is no discrimination against their residents. For example, an older population condo development caters to the senior population with retirement communities. This type of condo development is often known as a “retirement community” or “active adult community” and offers personal enrichment activities for the senior resident. Children and grandchildren may be able to visit, but the Homeowners Association limits the number of overnight stays per visit.

2. The Communal Areas

The amenities and communal areas in a condo development are large drawing factors for many buyers. For example, the availability of gardens and chance to cultivate a garden plot is appealing to people who enjoy being around flowers and plants. Another example is the presence of a marina or boat dock for boating enthusiasts.

Due to the common area features making each of the developments unique, special consideration should be given to the amenities that the potential buyer considers appealing; as well as the amenities that are not appealing. It should also be noted that condo dues are based on the common areas because they help maintain these facilities. This means that more advanced or sophisticated amenities can be more costly, and you should consider opting for a different development if you won’t be using the features.

3. Assigned Parking Spaces

Assigned parking spaces will typically be a part of Kalea Bay condos as the majority of condominium developments have onsite parking areas in the parking garages. The garages are often adjacent to the building or underneath the structure, but it is recommended that you discuss this feature with the property manager before purchasing the unit. Based on the number of bedrooms in the condo unit, the assigned parking spaces can increase. For example, a single bedroom unit will be assigned a single area; however, a double bedroom unit can be assigned two parking spaces.

Certain developments also present gated parking areas or a gatehouse staffed by building security preventing anyone other than guests or owners from entering the area. This security feature is highly beneficial and can be a good feature to the condominium.

4. The Level Of Security

Continuing with the issue of security, it may be beneficial to consider the various security measures the building has in place to protect the development and the residents. 24-hour security guards, video surveillance, locked doors with security alarm systems, well-lit exterior and locked access to the communal areas are all recommended for a secure building. It is also possible for the developer to join a community-watch program to remain within the local security community.

Certain developments may also use a safe landscaping and perimeter fencing option as further security measures. Each unit can also have a 911 address so that emergency teams are able to respond to urgent calls quickly. It may also be possible for residents to install individual alarm systems in their units, but many developments do not require this if their exterior alarm systems are in place.

Developments are obligated to have customized emergency plans to handle floods, fires, power failures, and natural disasters. The staff members, including the property supervisor and security guards, should have a list of individuals who may require additional help during a potential evacuation. This is particularly important in age-restricted developments targeted towards the elderly.

Final Words

As can be seen, there are factors to take into account when purchasing Kalea Bay condos ranging from the security measures to the age restrictions and assigned parking spaces. By reading this information, you can find the ideal condominium to purchase according to your preferences and specific needs.