Different Aspects Of Constructing A Building

Different types of construction techniques are used to build buildings. The basic construction method has not changed even after several centuries but innovations in this industry over time have vastly improved the construction process. It has helped build better, more comfortable and safer buildings. The structures now remain usable and stable for several decades requiring minimum repairs. The construction process involves concrete mixing and laying, bricklaying, surface grinding, cutting, joining, assembling and other techniques.
Purpose of ConstructionBuildings are built for residential, commercial, office, institutions, government, factory, public utility and other applications. They are used to provide housing for living and working. Most building projects require constructing a new building. In a rebuilding project, the existing structure is first demolished before constructing a new structure in its place. Additions and alterations are also used to increase the utility and functionality of a building.

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Different Construction Techniques

Most buildings are built with the traditional method where the foundation is prepared on a suitable ground. The overground part of the structure is built once the foundation is ready. At most places, bricks, concrete and rebars are used to make the housing structure. Houses that do not require high-rise building construction can be made with wood only but high-rise buildings require concrete and iron bars as the main construction materials. Prefabricated items are used in all types of buildings to speed up the construction process. Some parts of the houses are built at the site separately, and then installed or assembled in the structure.

Different Parts of the Building

All buildings have floors, walls and roof. Floors are always flat but the flooring material can vary. Additional or special flooring materials are used at places like factory. Some buildings have additional structures around the main house. Some of these structures include the garage, pavement, shed, porch, pool area, boundary wall, garden items like gazebo, and others. High-rise buildings have a common outdoor area within the property limit. This area is mainly for the use by the residents living in that building.

Different Construction Techniques Used in the Making of a Building

Construction of a building involves a variety of techniques. Different types of machines are used to make different structures. The job requires support of construction workers, electricians, roofers, window makers, and other professionals. They use cutting, moulding, grinding, welding, gluing and other techniques to build different parts of the building.

The Use of Grinding during Construction

surface grinders are used for various applications during the construction of a building. Grinding is used to polish the concrete that does not have a smooth surface. This polishing gives the concrete a smooth finish. Grinding is used to remove the top layers. It is necessary at many places before applying the top material. It is an important construction technique, especially for commercial places where the look of the surface plays an important role in attracting customers and leaving a good impression on them.

Homeowners and commercial building makers use a variety of materials, techniques and technologies to build their buildings. Most construction projects now try to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable methods for construction. Preference is given to materials that comply with these requirements.